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Introducing the New Standard in Patient Adherence

In both human and financial terms the costs of medication non-adherence is enormous. In the United States alone, hundreds of thousands of deaths and over 10% of hospitalizations are attributable to medication non-adherence, costing the American healthcare system about $300 billion annually.

The key drivers behind non-adherence are complex and multi-dimensional, including:

  • Low health literacy rates
  • High cost
  • Complexity of treatment
  • Fear of medication side effects
  • Duration of treatment
  • Communication gaps between medical teams and patients

The single largest opportunity for improving medication adherence is effective, individualized patient education.  At its heart, the Patient Discovery is designed with a ‘learn by doing’ methodology to ensure that each patient understands, retains and can successfully apply medical instructions.

Accessed securely through a tablet, smartphone or PC, complex medical regimens are broken down into short, easy to understand learning exercises in which the patient is an active participant.

Each patient’s learning journey collects unique data which provides healthcare professionals with real-time insights into their comprehension levels and concerns. Armed with these insights, medical teams are able to intervene with each patient, addressing individual apprehensions or difficulties about taking their medications.

Designed to Solve Pain Points Across the Continuum of Care

For Patients

  • Greater ability to understand, retain and successfully apply medical information
  • Greater understanding of the impact of non-compliance with treatment recommendations
  • Increased self-awareness of knowledge-gaps with individualized learning aids
  • Delivered in the language of choice at point of care
  • Ability to practice at home and share data with both healthcare providers and caregivers
  • Empowerment to self-advocate based on a higher health literacy rate
  • Increased abilities to engage in better self-care

For Caregivers

  • Ability to learn and practice alongside patients
  • Opportunity to have data-driven interventions with patients based on their knowledge gaps
  • Data to advocate with healthcare professionals based on patient’s knowledge gaps

For Providers

  • Effective, personalized patient education leading to higher degrees of patient satisfaction
  • Increased medication adherence leading to lower readmissions
  • More efficient discharge process leading to reduced length of stay
  • Data-driven insights into patient learning gaps for effective interventions by front-line healthcare professionals in real-time
  • Ability to benchmark both individual and aggregated patient population comprehension data
  • Individualized medical instructions and care plans at discharge
  • Effective, consistent, personalized patient education delivered at point of care
  • Effective, consistent patient education delivered at home
  • Effective, consistent patient education delivered across native languages
  • Ability to integrate into legacy EMR systems and provide a HIPAA compliant secure audit trail for patient education requirements

For Industry

  • Conveys information about clinical research in an approachable, trustworthy and personalized manner to ensure that each patient understands, retains and can confidently take action on new information
  • Collects each patient’s questions, preferences and concerns regarding participation in clinical trials to share with their doctor as they go through their learning journey
  • Identifies potential clinical trials for discussion between patients and their physicians
  • Alerts patients with personalized updates on the newest research and clinical trial opportunities relevant to their needs
  • Aids in effective clinical trial design by providing data-driven insights on patient engagement, demographics, comprehension and concerns
  • Provides data-driven insights to support patient outreach and targeted education for medical professionals

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